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Offering the Right Help
September 25, 2018

Time, space and a tire or two. Find out what kids need before you add more. I read a news story recently about two Americans who traveled overseas to climb mountains. They stopped to visit a group children's home while they were there. Stunned to see c ...

Expanding Empathy: Boys reading "Girl" Books
June 1, 2018

Will boys read books mainly about girls? They will if the book is good and we encourage them. If you ask a girl what she's reading, chances are she'll rattle off a list of favorite books that feature both boy and girl characters. Girls read across gend ...

The Good of Making Enemies
March 15, 2018

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something." - Churchill I'm writing this during a day of student walk-outs to protest gun violence. Speaking up for something you care about can be scary. Staying silent is scarier still. When we ...

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