“You can learn more about a person
in an hour of play than in a year
of conversation.”
~ Plato

It's OK to Go Up the Slide book coverIt’s OK to Go Up
the Slide

Renegade Rules for Raising
Confident and Creative Kids

Published by Tarcher/ Penguin Random House, 2016 (978-0399172007)

It’s OK to Go Up the Slide questions standard wisdom in homes and schools and offers a brand-new set of renegade rules for children in the preschool and elementary school years (ages 2-10). Rules like:

  • It’s OK to Talk to Strangers
  • Ban Elementary Homework
  • Recess is a Right
  • Banish Calendars at Circle Time
  • It’s OK Not to Kiss Grandma
  • Don’t Force Participation
  • Princesses are Powerful

Delve into more hot-button issues, from technology and homework to risk and kindergarten. If you find you’re entertaining your children, patrolling their homework and longing to give them an authentic childhood with fewer pressures and daily conflicts, it’s time for you to go up the slide.

Sometimes being a good parent means breaking all the rules.

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It's OK to Go Up the Slide book coverIt's OK Not to Share…

And Other Renegade Rules for Raising
Competent and Compassionate Kids

Published by Tarcher/ Penguin, 2012 (978-1585429363).

Named one of the Best Parenting Books of 2012 by Parents magazine reviewer.

It’s OK Not to Share questions standard parenting adages and offers renegade rules for raising young kids (ages 2-6). Rules like:

  • Kids don’t have to say ‘Sorry’
  • Bombs, guns and bad guys allowed
  • Let your kid swear
  • ‘I hate you’ is nothing personal
  • Boys can wear tutus
  • Only punch your friends

Discover concrete skills to help your child prevent bullying, express big feelings appropriately, channel active energy, and much more. It’s OK Not to Share covers sharing, wild emotions, benefits of rough-and-tumble play, creativity, power and power conflicts, conflict mediation and topics like first friendships and social rejection among peers. It’s the lifeline you’ve been waiting for.

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What readers say…

“I LOVE it! You have helped me so much in my daycare, it is priceless. Kids play and figure stuff out on their own now. It is amazing. I have so much less fighting, it is unbelievable how much a difference this book has made.”
– Juliana

“The most engaging, validating and filled with Aha moments of all the parenting books I have read over 38 years. It’s become my ‘Bible.’ ”
– BJ

“I’m on my fourth copy of your book. I keep giving mine away to friends and family.”
– Gretchen

“I have gone through a lot of parenting books. This book is a gem. My parenting attitude has been completely changed after reading it.”
– Deepthi

“This book is hands-down the BEST book I’ve read when it comes to caring for children. As an in-home childcare provider, I care for many young children. Now they take turns and tell others when they’re done. Absolute must read!”
– Kay

“I’d say crying has decreased in my house by upwards of 80%. No more yelling. My husband has now started reading it, and his relationship with the kiddos is benefiting and so is our marriage. The ideas are simple. The results are phenomenal.”
– Molly

“The results are magical. I love it so much I made my husband read it, bought it for my best friend and gave it as Christmas gifts to my son’s preschool teachers.”
– Elizabeth

“If you’ve been following the general stream of peaceful parenting/ attachment parenting and found yourself going along fine until the preschool years, this is the boost you need.”
– Jenny

“This book is fantastic. It’s helping me so much with my two boys who roughhouse all day. The wisdom is helping me make sense of my children’s behavior. Thank you! This is a real keeper”
– Rachel

“You have given me the gift of better parenting. It was not modeled for me as a child. I love your book. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”
– Amy

“I have been working with kids for 16+ years and have never read a better description of how to set limits. I’ve had thousands of hours of training, literally, and nothing comes even close. Needless to say, you have changed a mind that has been set for years. Truly impressed‼”
- Hope

“I ordered It’s OK Not to Share and it has utterly wrecked my productivity for the day. I meant only to flip through it, but I’m reading the whole thing. It’s wonderful! This is definitely up there with Haim Ginot and Siblings without Rivalry.”
– Leann

“This goes against everything I learned as a parent, but it all makes perfect sense and my daughter is a much happier kid. I love it!”
– Danielle

“My two- and four-year-olds ‘get it.’ Just in the few days since reading this, I’ve bought in fully to letting kids take long turns. What a relief it is for me not to make any timing or sharing limit calls anymore!”
– Kathy