“The mind can only absorb
what the butt can endure”

~ Proverb

Renegade Reading for Book Clubs

Book club photoGet folks talking as you Read-Along!

It’s OK books make great book club selections. If you’re looking for a book with a broad reach that gives practical help and inspiration, give it a try. Renegade parenting books get to the heart of early childhood, and cause sane-headed adults to reexamine their deepest beliefs.

Guaranteed to spark lively dialogue on topics from sharing and friendships to toy weapons and wild emotions.

Saving Arcadia also makes a great Book Club pick.

“Oooooh, discussion! Sure to spur some great discussion. That’s what has me really excited about this book.”
– Amanda Morgan, Read Along choice for 2014

“I’ve decided to include a copy of the book for every parent as part of registration at our preschool.”
– Danielle Cassetta, Director, Acorn Glen Cooperative Preschool

“The perfect book to bring parents into our world. It’s a great companion to our program values and equally awesome for educators as it is for parents. I have a hard time not jumping up and down and screaming AMEN after every sentence.”
– Kisha Reid, Director, Discovery Early Learning Center

“For some of you, reading her book will be 350 pages of hard-core affirmation, for others it will be a challenge that will need to be broken up into small manageable bites. Her 29 renegade rules might push. They might rock the boat. They might make many uncomfortable. Regardless of the feelings and emotions her rules evoke, they are grounded in solid theories of child development.”
– Ooey Gooey Lady, Book Club pick April 2014

Did you know…?

It's OK Not to Share… is based on the philosophy of the School for Young Children (SYC), in Columbus, Ohio. The author is an alumna of this unique school where kids engage in true free play and learn stellar conflict mediation skills. This "playschool" believes true free play is freely chosen, child-initiated and child-directed, and encourages children to:

  • Run and rough house
  • Mediate conflicts with peers
  • Climb trees, paint trees, explore mud, sand and water
  • Play with other kids in boxing and wrestling games
  • Get messy and dirty
  • Dress up in any costume
  • Share only when they are ready – long turns are OK
  • Take risks
  • Explore creativity to its limit
  • Express all feelings – mad, sad, happy, frustrated, lonely
  • Make friends and cope with rejection